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I’m Princess Lola.


I was a spoilt child; a little diva who learned how to get her own way.

Demanding to be treated like a Princess.

Childhood demands gave way to teenage confusion; alone with my desire to control others, to dominate & humiliate. Thinking that I different from others; strange in this world.

A weirdo.


Exploration & experimentation took me on a path.

A journey into the world of Female Domination; Utopia, a place to call home.

A world where I could flourish.


I’m an artist.

You are my blank canvas; a place to leave my mark.

Physical or psychological, I don’t mind. You choose.

I can read you like a book; I see it in your eyes, your body. You can’t hide it.


I can take you on a journey.

To places you’ve always dreamed of, to places you love, to places you’ve never imagined.

Come with me.


I’m Princess Lola.

Princess Lola

Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets & little man, little lola wants you

Princess Lola