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I’m out of your league.

We both know it; you could never hope to have a woman like me.

That’s why you sit there poring over my website, wishing you had the courage to make contact, that you could bring yourself to enter my world & surrender to me.


I know it’s daunting, I see it all the time, grown men stumbling over their words, unable to make eye contact, trembling before me.

It amuses me, I feed off of it.


There is nothing to fear.

You have a fetish, a fantasy that you long to fulfil; you’ve been fighting it for so long, but you can’t resist any longer. You just need to take that first step.


How about an Ice Breaker?

A drink & a chat, no fetish wear, no playing, no obligation.

Tell me your secrets & I will allay your fears; I won’t laugh, you’re not weird.

And when you’re ready, if you’re ready, you can step in to my world.


Take off your coat Don't you know you can't win?

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