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I’m not going to have sex with you, I’m not going to give you oral or you me.

You’re not going to touch my genitals & if I touch yours it’ll be painful.

The best you can hope for is self-stimulation.

But I’ll make you beg for it.


I love having you at me feet; my perfectly pedicured dainty little size 4 feet, that’s where you belong.

I can inflict pain; but I don’t have to.

Real power is about controlling the mind.


I can tie you up or tie you down; make it so you can’t move.

Make it so you won’t want to move. Sat on your face, clothed of course.


You can be the prettiest little sissy you ever did see.

A baby in nappies being changed & winded; but if baby makes me cross you’ll live to regret it.

An obedient puppy on my lead, being trained to do whatever I please.


You can be locked up & trodden down, or both if you like.

I can be a complete bitch or the ultimate tease; at the same time if I choose.


You can wait on me hand & foot, do my chores, be my little maid or domestic slave.

I can spit on you, pour messy food over you & piss on you, assuming it’s available.


I can fleece you dry, like the little piggy you are; take every penny & max out your credit card.

And if you don’t play ball I can tell your wife.


I can be whoever you want me to be; the only limit is your imagination.

Ask away, if I don’t like it I’ll tell you.


Don’t ask for these as I really don’t like them.

I won’t fuck you with a Strap-on or do any anal play.

I’m a real lady so I won’t fart on you or do hard sports, & needles are out of the question.

But above all else,



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