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What value my time?

What price for the journey that I can take you on?

For the memories that will flash before your eyes when your time comes to an end?


£90 will secure you half an hour of my time.


£140 will get you a full hour.


After that each subsequent half hour will be £70.


Novices can have a half hour Ice Breaker for £70.

After breaking the ice, for £70, you can choose to stay for a subsequent half hour of play.

Everyone chooses to stay.


Until you have earned my trust a deposit will be required.


I’m not a clock watcher, you’ll get your time & maybe, just maybe, a little more.

I have shower facilities, drinks & a heart.


I’m a Professional Mistress, I value my reputation.

I value my clients.


You're no exception to the rule I'm irresistible, you fool Give in

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